November 30, 2009

CCLaP's throwing a party, and you're invited!

The CCLaP 2009 Royalty Payout Party

Happy day! CCLaP's first two published authors, Ben Tanzer and Sally Weigel, have by now each earned their first hundred dollars in royalties, pretty remarkable when you consider that both Repetition Patterns and Too Young to Fall Asleep are electronic books essentially being handed out for free. I thought I'd make a public ceremony out of it, to give CCLaP's Chicago readers a chance to meet up and be social if they felt like it, and so we could all have a drink and celebrate the act of artists getting paid, which is a rare occurrence that deserves to be celebrated whenever it happens.

Anyway, it's happening this Saturday, December 5th, at Uncommon Ground in the Lakeview neighborhood (Clark and Grace, or a block up and across the street from Wrigley Field), starting around 7 pm and with the money-changing remarks happening around 8:00; just look out for the people with a red dot sticker on their shirts, if you've never hung around with any CCLaP people before. Photos and video from the event will be posted here next week, for all of you in other cities who won't be able to attend! Oh, and this is doubling as my Chicago homecoming party as well, for those who don't know; the doctors finally gave me permission last week to move back to the city, after now having spent the last four months with my family in suburban St. Louis recovering from a pretty severe bicycling accident. I hope to see you all there!

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