November 5, 2009

Sally Weigel interviewed at Orange Alert; and did I mention CCLaP's next party?

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Just wanted to make a small mention of this: CCLaP friend Jason Behrends, proprietor of the arts guide "What to Wear During an Orange Alert," recently did a long interview with Sally Weigel about the novella she published earlier this year through the center, Too Young to Fall Asleep. It's a nice write-up, I thought, which gets into all kinds of subjects that Weigel's fans will be interested in reading; I encourage you to stop by and check it out whenever you have a chance, and of course I thank Jason for taking an interest in the book and Sally in the first place.

CCLaP's artists GOTS to get PAID

Just to give you Chicagoans your first official heads-up, by the way, both Sally and CCLaP's other published author, the indubitable Ben Tanzer of Repetition Patterns*, have both now gotten to the point of earning their first $100 in royalty payments for their respective books**; so I've decided to pay them in a public ceremony-slash-party with hundred-dollar bills, so that we can all have drinks and socialize and toast their success and celebrate a couple of artists actually getting paid, a rare occurrence that deserves to be publicly celebrated every time it happens. The party will be on Saturday, December 5th, with things starting up around 7 pm, over in the back room of Uncommon Ground at Clark and Grace (in the Lakeview neighborhood, across the street and one block north of Wrigley Field); it's an all-ages venue although liquor will also be served, and the get-together is free and open to the general public. This is also doubling, by the way, as my Chicago homecoming party, after having now spent the last three months with my family in suburban St. Louis, recovering from a particularly nasty bicycle accident I had this summer (in which I broke my hip and my hand in three places); the doctors have finally given me the okay to move back to my apartment at the end of November, so needless to say that I will be in the mood to celebrate. I hope all of you locals will have a chance to attend, and of course lots more info will be coming to the CCLaP site closer to the actual event.

*And did you know, by the way, that Ben has a new chapbook out? It's called I Am Richard Simmons, and is from our friend JA Tyler over at Mudluscious Press. You should definitely check it out whenever you have a chance.

**And speaking of successes, I feel compelled to mention that Sally's book continues to fly off the virtual shelf -- in the mere six weeks it's now been available to the public, it's now been downloaded over 650 times, and has brought in total voluntary revenue of over $300, not bad at all for an electronic book that's technically being handed out for free. Find out why people are going so nuts for this title! Download your own copy today!

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