December 4, 2009

Don't forget tomorrow's party!

The CCLaP Royalty Payout Party 2009

Hey, Chicagoans, don't forget CCLaP's latest social event, happening tomorrow night! It's the center's first "royalty payout" party -- basically, both of the authors CCLaP has published now, Ben Tanzer and Sally Weigel, are owed their first hundred dollars in royalties; and this is pretty astounding for electronic books being handed out for free, so I thought I'd make the payment into a public ceremony that we can all have a drink and celebrate the act of generating revenue from a purely virtual product. We're meeting up at Uncommon Ground in the Lakeview neighborhood (Clark and Grace, or across the street and one block up from Wrigley Field); people will start showing up around 7 pm, and my remarks will be at 8:00. It's an all-ages venue, although liquor will be sold, so feel free to stop by no matter what your circumstances -- just look for the people with a red sticky dot on their shirt, if you've never been to a CCLaP event before. I hope to see you there!

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