December 7, 2009

New Chicago lit journal's first release party is tomorrow

Two With Water release party

I just heard recently from the creators of a new Chicago literary journal called Two With Water, letting me know a little about themselves and their inaugural issue. In reality, in fact, their staff is scattered all over the place, keeping an eye out for new work everywhere from New York to San Francisco and even Maine; they consider themselves publishers of mostly emerging work by up-and-coming writers, although their first issue does feature a lengthy interview with our old pal, poetry veteran Thax Douglas. I've gotten a chance to check out the issue already, in fact, via PDF, and thought it was a really well-done project definitely worth your time. Anyway, their release party is tomorrow night, over at infamous indie-rock hangout the Empty Bottle; you can stop by their website for more, and to check out a bit of a preview for yourself. I wish them the best of luck with all their coming Chicago endeavors.

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