January 1, 2010

The Year In Books 2009: An introduction

The Year In Books 2009 - a CCLaP essay series

Well, all right, it's the new year, which means that the tallies can finally be made*; and when all is said and done, I ended up reading and reviewing around 120 books here at CCLaP in 2009, roughly 90 of which had been published in the previous two years and are therefore eligible for these "best of 2009" lists I always put together around this time. I've decided to highlight a total of 34 of these books to you again, over the course of four parts coming the first four days of next week:

Monday: Best of the Best
Tuesday: Worth a Second Look
Wednesday: Best Experimental Novels
Thursday: The CCLaP Guilty Pleasure Awards

And then once the run is finished online, of course, I will publish it as a standalone eBook as well through CCLaP Publishing, for future new readers coming here for the first time, as well as those who prefer reading essays like these in book form. (UPDATE: eBook version now available.)

Remember as always to read the CCLaP Manifesto and the Ridiculously Long Guide to CCLaP's Ten-Point Scoring System for more on how these books were picked; and do always take these recaps with a grain of salt, and rely on the longer original reviews to get a deeper sense for whether you'll possibly like the book yourself or not. I've got a great set of titles to recommend to you again over the next week, a list that can keep you nice and busy this cold winter if you'd like for it to. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am.

*And for those paying attention, these 120 book reviews are added to the 66 movie reviews and eight personal essays written this year as well, 15 podcast episodes produced and two original books published, for a highly pleasing total of 210 pieces of original intellectual content put out by CCLaP this year. Of the 90 books eligible for this year's best-of lists, around 70 percent of them were also published in 2009, 20 percent a year previous, and an additional 10 percent two years ago.

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