February 12, 2010

Poster version of "Jack & Jill" now available

Jack & Jill, by JA Tyler

Many thanks to all the people who got to follow along live this week with the serial publishing of the story "Jack & Jill," by Mudluscious editor-in-chief JA Tyler, the inaugural project of CCLaP's new "TwitLit" story series; and for those of you who didn't get a chance to follow along, I'm happy to today start offering a high-quality, downloadable poster version of the entire 20-part thing, special PDFs outputted at 600 d.p.i. so that they'll look decent when sent to a laserprinter. You can always stop by the main TwitLit headquarters in the future for the links; but if you're reading this today, you can also download the PDFs by directly clicking on the links below:

US laserprinter version (8.5 x 11)

EU laserprinter version (A4)

Don't forget, to read future TwitLit stories as they're being published live, simply "follow" CCLaP's Twitter account (twitter.com/cclapcenter) at your own; and of course you can always leave feedback there by adding "@cclapcenter" to your own tweet. And speaking of which, here are the stories the center now has on deck for the remainder of this winter...

February 23: "Angels," by Josh Spilker

March 10: "Cat," by Gwendolyn DeRosa

March 24: "I Loved Gunther Gebel," by Ben Tanzer

And then coming this spring -- hmm, maybe you? I'm actively seeking new stories for this series, in fact, so I encourage you to drop me a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com with your own submission. Remember the only two rules of the project: finished stories should consist of a chapter total divisible by ten; and stories should be written so that one does not have to necessarily read every chapter in order to follow what's generally going on. I hope you enjoyed "Jack & Jill," and I look forward to presenting the next TwitLit project in about two weeks.

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