February 4, 2010

Today at the kid-lit blog: A little Judy Blume, anyone?

Then Again, Maybe I Won't, by Judy Blume

Regular readers know that I'm now maintaining a second blog (kidlit4adults.blogspot.com) specifically just for reviews of children's books; a friend here in Chicago has in fact convinced me to try my hand for the first time at writing such books myself, except that I don't actually know anything about children's literature, so am starting the process merely by reading a stack of existing books and then breaking them down analytically. I'm generally not mentioning them at CCLaP since they're off-topic to what's usually discussed here, although I thought it'd be fun to occasionally make a mention of a write-up you grown-ups might find interesting; today, for example, I tackled my first re-read of a book I myself enjoyed as a child, in order to figure out why I connected with it so profoundly back then, which in this case happens to be 1971's Then Again, Maybe I Won't by Gen-X hero Judy Blume, which at the time was my second-favorite book by her. (For the record, my number-one favorite was Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, with number three being Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great and number four Blubber.) All my fellow slackers should feel free to click over to it, if you have an interest in seeing how my adult re-reading of it stacked up to my thirty-year memories of this apparently salacious book (it talks about boners!), and what kinds of lessons I took away from it as an aspiring kid-lit author myself.

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