March 29, 2010

Paul Bens announces support drive for priest-abuse victims

Kelland, by Paul Bens

I heard this weekend from Paul Bens, whose novel Kelland was reviewed here last autumn; for those who don't know, a running theme in that book is of the sexual abuse of small boys by Catholic priests, and the lasting emotional damage it causes them as adults. Well, apparently Paul has been as shaken up recently as everyone else about this latest round of global priest abuse accusations, even worse this time because of growing evidence that the pope himself helped hide pedophile priests from the public, back when he was a cardinal in Germany; and so the author has decided to donate every penny of his royalties from Kelland for this April through June to support group SNAP, otherwise known as the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. This is an extremely generous offer for any author to make, and gives you the perfect excuse to finally check out this atmospheric, cultishly loved novel, so I encourage you to stop by Paul's website to check out more.

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