March 23, 2010

Sally Weigel's virtual book tour starts next week!

Sally Weigel 2010 virtual book tour

Happy day! CCLaP is all set next week to send author Sally Weigel out on her first virtual book tour, in support of her novella Too Young to Fall Asleep which the center put out last fall. For those who don't know, a virtual book tour is exactly how it seems; basically, over the course of two weeks, Sally will appear at a total of ten other websites, talking about the book and its writing process or sometimes turning in special new MP3 readings from it. CCLaP did such a thing with great success about a year ago for author Ben Tanzer, so thought we'd do it again now that yet another spring has rolled around.

Anyway, I encourage you to follow along while it's happening; and in that respect, here is a list of all the places Sally will be appearing...

Monday, 3/29: CCLaP Podcast
Tuesday, 3/30: The Next Best Book Blog
Wednesday, 3/31: Impose Magazine
Thursday, 4/1: Ben Tanzer
Friday, 4/2: What To Wear During an Orange Alert
Sunday, 4/4: Between The Lines
Monday, 4/5: The Teenage Head
Tuesday, 4/6: Mud Luscious
Thursday, 4/8: Jason Riley
Friday, 4/9: decomP

I hope you'll have a chance to hop all over the web during the tour, and check out all the things that Sally has to say. Things kick off this coming Monday, March 29th, with a special half-hour interview between Sally and myself for the CCLaP Podcast; hope to see you there!

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