March 29, 2010

Sally Weigel's virtual book tour begins!

Sally Weigel 2010 virtual book tour

Excelsior! Today is the start of the virtual book tour by Chicago author Sally Weigel, in support of her novella Too Young to Fall Asleep which the center put out last fall. Just to remind you, a virtual book tour is exactly how it sounds; basically, over the course of the next two weeks, Sally will appear at a total of ten other websites, talking about the book and its writing process or sometimes turning in special new MP3 readings from it. Here again is the full (revised) list of all tour stops; if the date is still to come, I've put in just a general link to the site itself, while links from the past now go directly to the tour entries in question...

Monday, 3/29: CCLaP Podcast (now live)
Tuesday, 3/30: The Next Best Book Blog (now live)
Wednesday, 3/31: Impose Magazine (now live)
Thursday, 4/1: Ben Tanzer (now live)
Friday, 4/2: What To Wear During an Orange Alert (now live)
Monday, 4/5: The Teenage Head (now live)
Tuesday, 4/6: Mud Luscious (now live)
Thursday, 4/8: Jason Riley (now live)
Friday, 4/9: decomP (now live)
Sunday, 4/11: Between The Lines (now live)

'Too Young to Fall Asleep' at Amazon

Don't forget, by the way, that Kindle owners can now directly purchase the book at Amazon for a flat fee of US$4.99; but of course if you're willing to add a few extra steps, you can still download the MOBI version here at the website for free, email it to your Kindle email address, and have it convert and send the document to your device that way. I'm happy to be able to start making more of CCLaP's books available directly from the Kindle store, although of course as always remind people that Amazon actually keeps a whopping three dollars out of every five-dollar purchase there, which is why you should always purchase your books directly from the CCLaP website instead, in cases when you have a few extra minutes at your disposal to do such a thing. Anyway, I hope you'll get a chance to follow along with the entire tour over the next couple of weeks, and to stop by a series of arts-friendly websites that maybe you've never gotten a chance to visit before.

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