April 8, 2010

Sally Weigel virtual book tour: Day Eleven

Sally Weigel 2010 virtual book tour

It's day eleven of Sally Weigel's virtual book tour, in support of her CCLaP novella Too Young to Fall Asleep! Today, Sally talks with author Jason Riley -- and it's a great talk too, a long one where they get into all kinds of interesting subjects, from Sally's take on electronic publishing to which of her characters she'd most like to have a drink with. I encourage you to stop by and check it out whenever you have a chance.

And by the way, although it's a bit late, Sally's stop at Eddie O'Keefe's The Teenage Head is now online as well; over there she does something that's becoming increasingly popular among young writers, to put together a playlist of music that directly relates to the book. It's pretty fascinating, something you should definitely check out if you're a fan of the book already.

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