April 12, 2010

Sally Weigel's virtual book tour comes to an end!

Sally Weigel 2010 virtual book tour

I'm both sad and happy to say that this weekend, we reached the end of Sally Weigel's virtual book tour, in support of her CCLaP novella Too Young to Fall Asleep. For those who missed it, don't forget that on Friday, Sally was hanging out with Jason Jordan, owner of the small press decomP; and then on Sunday, Sally was featured at Kevin Neilson's Between The Lines. Both are great interviews that served as a nice end to the tour, and I encourage you to check them both out when you get a chance.

Thanks again, everyone, for supporting Sally's tour, and I hope that if you still haven't gotten a chance to download Too Young to Fall Asleep (which don't forget, is free if you want it to be), you'll take a moment soon to do so.

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