May 4, 2010

CCLaP Podcast 54: Author Delphine Pontvieux

CCLaP Podcast 54: Author Delphine Pontvieux

It's Monday Tuesday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today: It's my talk with Chicago writer and French transplant Delphine Pontvieux, author of the Basque political thriller ETA, which was reviewed favorably here last month. Also featuring the music of Edu K and Most Valuable Players. And don't forget, if you download the enhanced MP4 version linked to below and listen on an iPod (or simply subscribe to CCLaP's iTunes channel), chapters and links and images will be at your disposal too!

More about the people and projects talked about in today's episode:
Delphine Pontvieux
CCLaP's review of ETA
Wikipedia: Basque Country
Wikipedia: ETA
Edu K
Most Valuable Players

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Download the MP4 (25.3 megs)

Download the MP4 (25.3 megs)

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