June 1, 2010

John Reed's "TwitLit" story starts today!

TwitLit: A CCLaP story series

All right! I'm happy to announce that the newest story in CCLaP's Twitter-based serial publishing project, TwitLit, starts later this morning; it's called "A Cold Served Dish" and is by our old pal John Reed out in California. John's older novel The Whole was favorably reviewed here back in 2007; and now he has a new book coming out later this summer, again by MTV Press, a collection of nasty little true stories called Tales of Woe about all the despicable things that humans do to other humans. "A Cold Served Dish" is John's Twitter-friendly adaptation of one of these stories, which I'm extremely pleased to be able to present to you here this week; it features severed heads and Sarah Palin, so really, what more do you need?

Anyway, to read the live version of John's story as it's being serially published this week, simply "follow" CCLaP's account at your own over at Twitter (twitter.com/cclapcenter); the thirty chapters comprising "Gebel" will be published on a roughly hourly basis (roughly!) over the next three days, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Chicago time or 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. GMT. For those who don't want to bother with Twitter, don't forget that a downloadable high-quality PDF poster version of the entire story will be available here starting this Friday, over at the website's main TwitLit page (cclapcenter.com/twitlit). And don't forget, both John and I would love to hear your feedback about this experiment; you can do so as a comment to this blog post, over at the CCLaP Facebook group, or directly at Twitter by adding "@cclapcenter" to your tweet. I hope you like it!

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