July 19, 2010

It's Ian McDonald Week at CCLaP!

Ian McDonald

One of my favorite living writers on the planet right now, British science-fiction author Ian McDonald, has not just one but two new books out right now here in the US this month: not only the terraformed-Mars fever-dream Ares Express (originally published in the UK in 2001, and a companion volume of sorts to his 1988 Gabriel Garcia Marquez homage Desolation Road), but also the legitimately brand-new The Dervish House, the latest in his "New World Order" series of developing-world day-after-tomorrow tales, this one set in an EU-joined Turkey only 17 years from now.

I was so excited about receiving both of these books recently, I decided to dedicate the entire week here at CCLaP to a closer look at McDonald and his work: so today, for example, I'm rerunning my older review of River of Gods, his 2004 "New World Order" novel concerning India (as well as its newer companion volume, Cyberabad Days); then on Tuesday I'll be reprinting my review of the other "New World Order" book I've also looked at in the past, 2008's Brasyl; then on Wednesday, both my older review of Desolation Road and my brand-new review of Ares Express; then on Thursday, my new review of The Dervish House; then to cap things off on Friday, a huge new text-based interview I did last week with McDonald from his home near Belfast, in which we discuss his background, his work, how he feels that the "Troubles" of Northern Ireland prepared him to better write about the so-called "third world," and what exactly he has against "Star Trek" novels.

As always, my many thanks to the good people at Pyr for helping to set all this up, and to McDonald himself for being such a good sport, and sticking in there for the nearly three hours our chat-based interview took to complete. I hope you'll have a chance to come by every day this week and enjoy all the speculative goodness!

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