August 30, 2010

"99 Problems:" Now surprisingly successful at Amazon

99 Problems, by Ben Tanzer

Today marks two weeks now since the release of CCLaP's latest original book, the running/writing essay collection 99 Problems by Ben Tanzer, and we received some exciting news a few days ago regarding its Kindle listing over at turns out that the book briefly broke into the Kindle store's top 20,000 bestsellers this weekend, which may not sound like much at first until you factor in the millions upon millions of electronic books now available there. And even more remarkable, the book hit the national top 10 as well this weekend, of all sports collections being sold electronically there, which needless to say has both Ben and I shocked and gratified. Anyway, if you're a Kindle owner yourself, I encourage you to stop by and pick up a copy for a mere five bucks; and I do hope you'll have a chance to leave a few thoughts about it as well over there at its official Amazon listing. (Not a Kindle owner? I hope you'll instead leave a comment about the book over at literary social network, where the title continues to do well -- it's now been added to almost forty people's libraries there, and with ten ratings that are still averaging 4.7 out of 5.)

And speaking of which, CCLaP friend and science-fiction author Mark Brand had some very nice things to say about the book last week at his blog, turning in a lengthy essay on how surprisingly much 99 Problems touches not just on writing but on modern fatherhood, a thought-provoking review that I encourage you to check out; and in the meanwhile, the promotional story-map that was created out of one of the book's stories at Google Maps has now been viewed almost 1,100 times, yet another surprising statistic for this book that's been quickly exceeding nearly every expectation we had for it. Don't forget that the download is completely free if you want it to be, and can be opened in nearly every ebook device on the market, including the ever-ubiquitous iPhone; if you haven't picked up a copy yet yourself, I highly encourage you to do so.

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