August 17, 2010

And by the way, have you read CCLaP's other books yet?

Too Young to Fall Asleep, by Sally Weigel

With the arrival today of CCLaP's newest book, Ben Tanzer's essay collection 99 Problems, to the website's front-page banner and blog sidebar, we of course must bid a sad adieu to the last book to hold that position, Sally Weigel's youth/war novella Too Young to Fall Asleep, which today enters the dreaded dusty CCLaP Publishing archives; so I thought this would be as good an excuse as any to remind you of it again, and to remind you that you can always go by and download the book from that main page anytime in the future that you'd like. I'm happy to say that Sally's book has far exceeded all pre-publication expectations we had for it, being downloaded now well over a thousand times in just the last nine months, even more remarkable from it being not only her first book, but one she wrote the first draft for when she was still in high school. It still remains well worth your time, despite it leaving the front page today, and I hope you'll get a chance to download a copy if you never have before.

Repetition Patterns, by Ben Tanzer

And speaking of which, you have of course already read Ben Tanzer's first story collection for CCLaP, the remarkable Repetition Patterns, right? RIGHT? This is where Ben first made his name as a writer, in fact, through his creepy and insightful short stories for the various zines and lit journals out there, regarding the sinister goings-on among a group of Sherwood-Andersonesque strivers in a small town in upstate New York in the early 1980s; Repetition Patterns is the first attempt to collect up all these stories into a unified form, a process that will be completed with the simultaneous publication next summer of not only his second electronic book of such stories through CCLaP, but the center's very first paper book as well, a limited-edition fine-art omnibus of both volumes that will simply be entitled The New York Stories, hand-bound and with color illustrations and with only a hundred copies being made altogether. If you know Ben only through his nonfiction and funny blog, I really encourage you to check out this book of fiction as well, and to discover a whole new, much darker side to his work that you might've never known existed.

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