September 27, 2010

Photography mini-feature: Bogdan Seredyak

Ukraine - 149




Today's photography mini-feature is of Bogdan Seredyak, who was raised in the Ukraine but has traveled extensively, and is now in New Jersey studying architecture. I asked him if he might share a few words about the type of photography he does, and here's what he had to say:

"I was born and raised in Ukraine. For the past five years I live in NJ, and study Architecture at the university here. Picked up photography 2 years ago, and been doing it ever since. Although I haven't been shooting all my life, for the past few years photography opened my eyes on a lot of things around me. I started to notice small nuances of life that I wouldn't bother to look before. I love shooting people, especially if I manage to capture their initial expression. Currently I photograph pretty much everything I see, I like to travel a lot, which gives me fantastic ability to capture something out of the ordinary. This past summer I went to eastern Ukraine. Not much has changed in these regions for the past twenty years. I wanted to capture the essence of it. That's what I struggle to achieve in my images, it's something that we often fail to see, because we don't look."

Thanks, Bogdan! Don't forget, on top his Flickr account, Bogdan has a nice personal website too. If you'd like your own photography to be featured like this at CCLaP, by all means drop me a line at (cclapcenter [at]

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