October 14, 2010

Ben Tanzer's "The Gift" now available in Polish!

Ben Tanzer's 'The Gift' in Polish

Attention, Polish readers -- one of CCLaP's stories is now available in your native language! That's thanks to CCLaP's newest friends, the Polish literary journal minimalbooks, who have wisely been taking advantage of the liberal translation rights regarding works released under a Creative Commons license, and have been recently contacting a whole series of American small presses about translating and reprinting such Creative Commons work. In this case, it's the exquisite story "The Gift" by our old buddy Ben Tanzer, from his 2008 story cycle for CCLaP, Repetition Patterns, part of their October issue which also features work by Corey Mesler, L. Ward Abel, Michele McDannold and a lot more. And the whole thing's free, too, plus includes a section of English-language pieces by Polish writers, so what else could you want?

By the way, this is only the first of a whole series of CCLaP pieces that will eventually be appearing in Polish form with minimalbooks; they are busy translating several more of Tanzer's stories as we speak, and next year will even be doing a Polish version of the entire novella Too Young to Fall Asleep, by Sally Weigel. I'm a big believer in these kinds of international projects, and would love to work with other nonprofit groups that are interested in these kinds of linguistic exchanges, so please express your interest if you want by writing to [cclapcenter (at) gmail.com]. Mam nadziej?, ?e Ci si? spodoba!

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