November 8, 2010

Announcing CCLaP's newest event: An Evening with Nathan Rabin

CCLaP Presents: An Evening with Nathan Rabin

What a great day! After several weeks of working out the details, I'm happy to be able to finally announce CCLaP's second major live literary event, in this case a long-form "Charlie Rose" style talk I'll be having on Monday, November 29th with Nathan Rabin, head writer of the cultishly popular AV Club. If Nathan's name sounds familiar to regular readers, it's because earlier this year I did a review of his memoir The Big Rewind, an unusually frank look at the bizarre childhood that eventually led to his adult role as cultural critic; and now he has a new book out as well, a collected version of his AV Club essay series "My Year of Flops," in which Rabin took surprisingly deep looks at a whole series of supposed movie failures throughout history, explaining how they sometimes give important but unintended clues to the general culture of their times (and sometimes are simply bad movies).

The talk is taking place at Stage 773 (formerly the Theatre Building Chicago), a great performance space just a quarter-mile west of the Belmont el stop here in the city (1225 W. Belmont, to be specific), from 7 to 9 pm; it will consist of a main one-hour talk between Rabin and myself on stage, then an intermission while I collect written questions from the audience, at which point I will go over the funniest and most interesting ones with Rabin for an additional 20 or 30 minutes. (Rabin will then be signing his books in the lobby for awhile, where they'll also be for sale.) The evening opens, then, with a performance from our old buddy Ben Tanzer, author (among other things) of the CCLaP books Repetition Patterns and 99 Problems; he'll be doing a brand-new 15-minute piece, as a matter of fact, on the subject of bad movies himself. Tickets are $6 and can be purchased either at the door the night of the event (availability pending, of course), or online in advance at (coming very soon!).

Because of this event only coming together at a late date, I have a little less time than normal to promote it, so I do hope that you'll do CCLaP a favor and mention the show within your own circles as well; and in that regard, the event has its own Facebook page and ICS export link, which I hope you'll get a chance to patronize. You should also feel free to steal the above flyer to post at your own blog or website, and I hope you'll make a mention of this entry over at Twitter. (And don't forget, all you out-of-towners, I'll be recording the entire thing as well, and will release it as an episode of the CCLaP Podcast just a few weeks after the event itself.) I'll be presenting a lot more about Rabin and his work here over the coming couple of weeks, as a way of whetting your appetite for the show, so I hope you're looking forward to that too. Are you excited? I'm excited!

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