November 1, 2010

CCLaP Podcast 63a: Author Achy Obejas, part 1

CCLaP Podcast 63a: Author Achy Obejas, part 1

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It's Monday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today: It's part one of my recent two-hour talk with Chicago author Achy Obejas, wearer of many hats -- Cuban-American activist, lesbian-fiction pioneer, Pulitzer-winning journalist, award-winning translator, and a lot more. In today's half, we talk about her upbringing as a Cuban here in the American Midwest, the major themes of her writing, her younger years in both the lesbian and activist communities in Chicago, as well as her first literary hits back in the early '90s; tomorrow, then, we'll talk about her experiences in the 2000s, including her journalism experiences, her growing academic stature, her first major-press release, and her new relationship with small press Akashic Books. Also featuring the music of Delegation and Borodin. And don't forget, if you download the enhanced MP4 version linked to below and listen on an iPod (or simply subscribe to CCLaP's iTunes channel), chapters and links and images will be at your disposal too!

More about the people and projects talked about in today's episode:
Achy Obejas
A short history of the Cuban Revolution
Harold Washington
Lambda Awards
We Came All The Way From Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?
Memory Mambo
Cin Salach

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Download the MP4 (26.8 megs)

Download the MP4 (26.8 megs)

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