November 29, 2010

CCLaP's big event is tonight! Broke, volunteers still needed!

CCLaP Presents: An Evening with Nathan Rabin

CCLaP's newest live event, my live-audience talk with AV Club head writer Nathan Rabin, is tonight! It starts at 7 pm at Stage 773 (until recently the Theatre Building Chicago), at 1225 W. Belmont, just a five-minute walk west of the Belmont el stop; tickets are $6, and are first-come first-served at the door tonight. (The lobby and bar opens around 6:30.) I'm a bundle of nerves about it, of course, but am also excited that the event's finally here, and I'm pretty sure that everyone involved is bound to have a good time tonight. If you're in the Chicago area yourself, I hope you'll have a chance to come out; but if not, don't forget that the talk will be available as an episode of the center's free podcast next week, including the opening performance by our old pal and multiple CCLaP-published author Ben Tanzer. (And in a fascinating development that occurred this weekend, it turns out that CAN-TV, a private production company which provides much of the content seen on Chicago's public-access cable stations, has decided to come out and record the show too. They'll be rebroadcasting it around a half-dozen times over the coming months, to about a million households altogether, so you Chicagoans with cable will have a chance to catch the event that way as well.)

Want to come out but simply don't have the ticket money? I'm still in need of two or three volunteers to help do little things at the show itself -- pass out and collect audience question cards, dim the lobby lights at the end of intermission, take pictures, etc. That earns you a free ticket, plus a cocktail afterwards, so don't hesitate to drop me a line directly today at cclapcenter [at] if you'd like to take CCLaP up on this offer. This is first-come, first-served too! I hope to see you there!

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