December 27, 2010

The Year In Books 2010: An Introduction

CCLaP: The Year In Books, 2010

Well, so what do you know, I managed to actually keep one of my more ambitious New Year's resolutions I made back in January; I indeed managed to read and review over 150 books this year (152, to be exact*), making for a year-long average of almost one every two days, which I have to say I'm highly pleased by. And as always, I've decided to highlight 40 of these titles once again here in my end-of-year roundup, which doesn't nearly purport to be a list of the "best books of the year" (because really, does anyone besides Publishers Weekly even read a high-enough percentage of all published books in a year to make such an assertion?), but rather the most intriguing and worthy of your time among the small slice of books I myself had a chance to check out this year. I'll be posting them here this week under the following schedule; if one of the titles below is hyperlinked, it means it's online now and ready to be read:

Tuesday: Best of the Best
Wednesday: Worth a Second Look
Thursday: Best of the Cutting-Edge
Friday: The CCLaP Guilty Pleasure Awards

And then right after New Year's, I'll collect these up and publish them as a standalone ebook as well, for those who would rather read these long reports that way.

Before reading these, don't forget that the eligibility window for being included in them is actually 24 months instead of 12, technically making this a list of titles stretching from 2010 back to 2008; and I also recommend reading the CCLaP Manifesto and the Ridiculously Long Guide to CCLaP's Ten-Point Scoring System as well, if you never have. In any case, I want to reiterate how appreciative I am of you coming by in the first place, and justifying me writing these sometimes very snarky reviews to begin with; and along those lines, I also want to send a humble thank-you to all my friends at literary social network, who for the fourth year in a row have voted me into the top 25 "best reviewers" there among all four million members. As always, I encourage you to debate these lists amongst yourselves over at CCLaP's Facebook group; I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

*And in fact, it's technically 173 books for the year if you count all the Young Adult novels I also read; and if you add the 87 movie reviews and five personal essays I wrote this year as well, that makes for a grand total of 265 critical essays penned in 2010, weighing in at around a quarter of a million words.

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