January 17, 2011

CCLaP Podcast 65: An Evening with Nathan Rabin

CCLaP Podcast 65: An Evening with Nathan Rabin

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It's Monday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. And today it's a very special edition: not just the first episode of 2011, but also the long-awaited broadcast of the center's most recent big live event, held last month at Chicago's Stage 773 theater complex and featuring a long-form interview with AVClub.com head writer Nathan Rabin, and with a special opening story by local author Ben Tanzer. The entire thing lasts almost an hour and a half, so will take just a bit more time than usual to either download or stream; and as always, don't forget that if you download the enhanced MP4 version linked to below and listen on an iPod (or simply subscribe to CCLaP's iTunes channel), chapters and links and images will be at your disposal too!

Many thanks to Rob Gelletta and the rest of the crew at Chicago's CAN-TV, for providing a high-quality audio recording of this event. Their televised version of the evening will be airing on the city's public-access cable system multiple times this winter and spring.

More about the people and projects talked about in today's episode:
AV Club
The Big Rewind
My Year of Flops
Ben Tanzer
99 Problems

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Download the MP4 (80 megs)

Download the MP4 (80 megs)

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