January 7, 2011

New "99 Problems" ad! Look at all them nice quotes!

New large print ad for Ben Tanzer's '99 Problems'

Yes, I know, I owe you a blog entry soon about CCLaP's new hipster photography magazine, "Imago," the first issue of which is coming at the end of this month; but for now, I wanted to share this new full-page ad that will appear in that first issue, promoting local author Ben Tanzer's book of essays on the relationship between running and writing, 99 Problems, put out by the center about six months ago now. I was aware that a lot of people have had some really nice things to say about it over the last half-year, but it wasn't until putting together this ad that I realized just how overwhelming the praise is; and believe it or not, that list of quotes you're seeing in the ad represents only maybe half the nice things that have now been said about it online. (And of course, don't forget that the book has now cracked both the Amazon Kindle Store's top 20,000 bestsellers, and the top 100 within the specific category of "sports memoirs.") I've mentioned before how proud I am to have had a chance to get Ben's book out to all of you, and both he and I are grateful for all the wonderful things you've had to say about it.

The above JPEG is a little hard to read, of course; so if you want, you can right-click on this link to download the full-sized ad as a PDF, or you can simply read the text of the quotes below...

"Filled with humor, pop-culture references, and personal insights, Tanzer entertains and enlightens with each essay. Since finishing the book I have again started pounding the pavement every other morning. Thanks, Ben." --LargeheartedBoy.com

"I was left craving his next insight." --Barry Graham, Third Face

"Tanzer seems incapable of writing a boring paragraph." --Barrelhouse.com

"Nuanced, unpretentious, and without fear." --Author Mark Brand

"[T]he book will leave you feeling positive about Ben's life and perhaps even your own. At least, that's how it left me." --Author Alex Kudera

"A gem of a book." --BabyGotBooks.com

"There is something diary-like to much of this, yet there is something more here, too; a writer at work, crafting raw experience into product, with discipline and hunger." --deComp magazine

"A couple of weeks ago, I vowed to take [running] back up...'99 Problems' was a good pat on the back to get me started." --Author BL Pawelek

"Delivers a sophisticated juxtaposition in reverse, a fascinating and exhilarating literary marathon." --Author Mickey Hess

"If I want to think of sharply written stories that capture a humorous reality of the day-to-day I think of Ben Tanzer. Or if I just want to think about one of my favorite underappreciated writers, I think of Ben Tanzer." --Josh Spilker, Impose magazine

"Maybe the best thing he's written yet." --Author Pete Anderson

"The words run across the page, smooth and effortless...Ben manages to make me wish I was a runner." --Lori Hettler, The Next Best Book Blog

"Throughout the book, Tanzer makes ordinary moments -- the minutiae of life -- extraordinary. There is a lyrical rhythm in his prose, much like a perfect run, when your breathing comes in straight away, the cadence is in your soul, and everything just flows." --DesertBookChick.com

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