February 25, 2011

CCLaP releases a teaser poster for its newest book!

Teaser ad for Mark R. Brand's 'Life After Sleep'

Only eleven days until the release of CCLaP's newest original book, the day-after-tomorrow tale Life After Sleep by local author Mark R. Brand! And unlike the center's other books, which have usually used Creative Commons photos for their cover images, Mark actually sprung for a professional photographer to do an exclusive shoot just for this title. (Or, actually, as a staff member of sci-fi small press Silverthought, he's used professional photographers plenty of times, so this isn't as earth-shaking as it might sound at first.) Anyway, that left us with a whole bunch of images left over; and when Mark and I met up the other day to do our interview about the book for the CCLaP Podcast (which will be released on Monday, March 7th, the same day as the book itself), we got to talking about what we might be able to do with all these extra photos, since we have them and paid for them and all. And Mark came up with the brilliant idea of releasing some "teaser" posters online here in the week and a half leading up to the release, just like Hollywood does in the year leading up to one of those studio-busting summer actioners; so here's the first, which hopefully gets you just a little bit more interested in picking the book up once it comes out.

Of course, the whole point of teaser campaigns like these are to "go viral;" so I please encourage you, if you want to help out either CCLaP or Brand, to run the image at your own blog this weekend, like it at Facebook, mention it at Twitter (#cclapcenter/@cclapcenter), or hell, call up your grandmother on her landline and tell her all about it. Mark's running his own series of posters as well, by the way, over at his own blog; and of course there will be several more coming next week, so I hope you'll have a chance to play along with the rest of us. Eat your heart out, Transformers 7!

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