February 18, 2011

My talk with Nathan Rabin will be on Chicago television tonight!

CCLaP Presents: An Evening with Nathan Rabin

Just wanted to remind everyone that tonight finally sees the first televised airing of my talk a few months ago with AV Club head writer Nathan Rabin; it'll be on CAN-TV, otherwise known as Chicago cable's public-access system, tonight at 11 p.m. on channel 19. (Why so late? Because we swear like sailors all the way through it!) For Chicagoans who miss it, it will air again this coming Tuesday as well, same time and same station; and of course, for all of you outside of Chicago, don't forget that you can download an audio version for free, as part of the regular CCLaP Podcast. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to enjoy it, and here's hoping that I'll get to sponsor another fun event like this next spring or early summer.

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