February 11, 2011

New to the Reading List: 11 February 2011

(Every week I add new titles to CCLaP's ever-growing "to-read" list, mostly through the free library monitoring service Wowbrary.com; and now thanks to a reader's suggestion, I share that list of new additions each week here at the blog as well, including brief descriptions of why I added them to my list. For the entire reading list including its hundreds and hundreds of titles, visit either CCLaP's Goodreads.com profile or its Amazon wish list.)

Blueprint for Disaster

Blueprint for Disaster: The Unraveling of Chicago Public Housing, by D. Bradford Hunt

Exactly how did Chicago's Public Housing Authority, once one of the most progressive and cutting-edge groups in the United States, go in a mere half-century to the overseers of one of the worst series of slums in the entirety of all Western civilization? An examination of that question is an examination of the 20th century in general, which is why I'm interested in reading this new take on it (one that promises on its dust jacket to have an answer more complicated than "because all the white people left"), especially interesting for me since the neighborhood I live in (Uptown) is one heavily featured in this title.

The Brothers' Lot

Black Orchid Blues

The Brothers' Lot, by Kevin Holohan
Black Orchid Blues, by Persia Walker

I also received two new books in the mail this week, which I thought I would start adding to these Friday reading-list updates as well, both from our buddies at Akashic Books. The Brothers' Lot is supposedly a comedic satire, which takes the real subject of the child abuse suffered for decades at the hands of Irish Catholic priests, then twists the subject into almost cartoonish form to make its point; while Black Orchid Blues looks to be a crime thriller set among black Harlem artists and intellectuals in that area's 1920s "Renaissance."

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