March 7, 2011

It's Mark Brand Day at CCLaP!

Life After Sleep, by Mark R. Brand

Happy day! CCLaP's newest original book, the day-after-tomorrow tale Life After Sleep by local science-fiction veteran Mark R. Brand, is finally finished and ready for your downloading pleasure! As regular readers know, I'm a passionate fan of sci-fi myself, and have long wanted to put out a genre title through CCLaP, so I'm immensely proud to have finally found a title worthy of the center's name and reputation, a quick but powerful read that I believe holds a wide appeal, and not just to my fellow fanboys.

Anyway, as always, the center is releasing a plethora of supplemental material to go with the book itself, including a new long interview with Brand for the CCLaP Podcast, an Apologia by me (basically a deliberately all-positive analytical essay), and another essay by Ben Tanzer, a fellow local author and the last person to be published by the center before this book. Also don't forget that there are plenty of places to discuss and post reviews of the book online yourself, including Amazon, Goodreads, and the book's own Facebook page, so I highly encourage you to get out there and help drum up a little publicity for a book that I feel definitely deserves it. I'm immensely happy with how this book came out, and am very proud to have CCLaP's name associated with it, so I hope you'll have a chance soon too to check it out. I have a feeling that you will end up enjoying it rather a lot.

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