April 15, 2011

Naughty Netflix: Macumba Sexual

Naughty Netflix: A CCLaP essay series

(Think that you can't rent movies at Netflix that contain legitimately explicit sexuality? Think again, my frustrated friend! In this special essay series, I look at a total of thirty mainstream films made over the last forty years, all of which contain scenes of such actual graphic sex acts as fellatio and penetration, reviewing them not in only in terms of the movie's quality itself but also the amount of sex it portrays, and whether this sex is any fun or not to actually watch. For more about how these movies were chosen, as well as the full list of all thirty titles, you can click here; and don't forget, these reviews are also mixed into the master list of all movies reviewed here, over at CCLaP's main movie page.)

Macumba Sexual

Today's movie: Macumba Sexual, 1981 (Amazon | IMDB | Netflix | Wikipedia)

The story in a nutshell: To tell you the truth, a mere two weeks after watching this, I can barely remember -- something about a yuppie couple vacationing on a tropical island or something like that, and having all these bizarre sexual dreams because of an ancient evil goddess or something (the movie's title is a Brazilian term for "Voodoo Sex"), and there being a bunch of tiki masks and dog collars involved. Or, er, something. But then, if I had read up on this director beforehand like I should've, none of this would've been a surprise, for...

What I thought: ...For the director turns out to be none other than Jesus Franco, whose personal history is much more fascinating than any of the actual movies he's churned out; a B-pic flunky who had a surprise American hit with 1961's The Awful Dr. Orloff, it was literally the highest point of his subsequent 50-year, 168-film career, most of the rest being the kind of awful splatter/porn underground grindhouse stuff that was churned out by the week in the '70s and '80s, with the various schlock titles starring Vincent Price and Christopher Lee actually being the classy ones of this notorious exploitation master's oeuvre. As such, then, Macumba Sexual is not much more than cheap titillation, expressly the kind of film I'm trying to avoid with this "Naughty Netflix" series; and if I had done my research on this before compiling my list, like I thought I had done with all the titles found in it, the film would've never been included in the first place. It proves once again, as several titles in this essay series have, that consensus opinion of a project on the internet can still sometimes skew entirely wrong, even when it's a fairly substantial number of voices weighing in, and that in our Amazon and Goodreads days there are still plenty of opportunities to be surprised by a little-known book or movie, whether for the good or bad.

What makes it an explicit movie? Actually, almost nothing, surprising for a director who has spent so much of his career in the legitimate porn industry; despite a copious amount of nudity, almost all of the actual sex scenes have been carefully edited to achieve a "hard-R" cable-television status.

Is the sex actually fun to watch? Er, perhaps; but if so, it was certainly forgettable as well, as the dim memories of my viewing experience just two weeks later attests.

Strangest piece of trivia: This was actually shot in the Canary Islands.

Worth your time? No

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