April 1, 2011

New to the Reading List: 1 April 2011

(Every week I add new titles to CCLaP's ever-growing "to-read" list, mostly through the free library monitoring service Wowbrary.com; and now thanks to a reader's suggestion, I share that list of new additions each week here at the blog as well, including brief descriptions of why I added them to my list. For the entire reading list including its hundreds and hundreds of titles, visit either CCLaP's Goodreads.com profile or its Amazon wish list.)

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt, by Toby Wilkinson

This looks interesting -- a single 600-page book that looks at the entire three thousand years in Egyptian history between the pharaohs and the Roman Empire, charting its rise and fall in a sweeping arc.

The Lake

The Lake, by Banana Yoshimoto

Both Oriana and I were lucky enough to receive review copies of the lovely Banana Yoshimoto's latest novel, so we're both writing separate reviews that will run here on the same day. Thanks, Melville House publicity staff!

Palo Alto

Palo Alto, by James Franco

James Franco?! The actor?! Has a book of short stories out?! That's supposedly actually pretty good?! Why wasn't I informed of this?I

Skippy Dies

Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray

An almost 700-page quirky comedy about an Irish boarding school that's been getting a lot of attention, and that was nominated last year for both the Booker and the National Book Critics Circle Award. I always find these kinds of books a gamble, so we'll see how this one turns out.

Little, Big

Little, Big, by John Crowley

After years of hearing about how great it is (and having already read The Solitudes, part one of his much more massive "Aegypt" cycle), I've decided to finally tackle what many consider the granddaddy and undisputed masterpiece of urban fiction, and a book Harold Bloom considers one of the best of the entire 20th century. This should be interesting.

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