May 27, 2011

And did I mention the "Time Out" article?

CCLaP in 'Time Out: Chicago'

And how can I send everyone off to their long Memorial Day weekends without first thanking Jonathan Messinger for so prominently featuring both CCLaP and the center's newest book, Mark R. Brand's Life After Sleep, in a full-page cover story in the Books section of this week's Time Out: Chicago on the subject of electronic books, and how various Chicago publishers are rising to the challenge? He has some really nice things to say about CCLaP and what we're trying to accomplish here, so I humbly thank him for bringing us to the attention of a wider Chicago audience. (I'm hoping that a digital version of the article will eventually appear online; if so, I'll make sure to link to it, so you can read it yourself.)

'Life After Sleep' on the shelves at the Book Cellar'

As always, don't forget that Life After Sleep is available not just in its usual electronic form but now in a special handmade paper edition, the first release from CCLaP's new Hypermodern Editions series, which will comprise six different paper titles by the time this year is over; here's how it's looking, for example, over in the "Chicago" shelves of Lincoln Square store The Book Cellar, including a nice little write-up by shop employee, local author, and CCLaP friend Brandon Will. If you've been wanting to support the center for awhile, now is the perfect opportunity to do so, and to not only have the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping to subsidize all those thousands of free ebooks we hand out here, but the further satisfaction of getting something legitimately cool in return, and that will look sharp on that sad little empty coffeetable you currently have. I hope you'll have a chance to patronize the center in this way, either with Mark's book or any of the five others coming over the next six months.

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