May 9, 2011

CCLaP's first paper book is finally ready for purchase!

The Hypermodern Editions: A new paper-book series from CCLaP

Excelsior! CCLaP's first paper book, for Mark R. Brand's Life After Sleep, is finally available for purchase here at the website! This is the first title in the center's new Hypermodern Editions series, special handmade paper versions of all our electronic books, high-quality and designed specifically with professional collectors in mind (including hardback covers with decorative endpapers, exposed Coptic stitching, a signature/provenance page, an extended Colophon, a color photo adorning the cover and more), but kept reasonably priced for all my fellow creative-classers who simply don't have a lot of spare money for luxuries like fancy books; the book itself has actually been finished for a couple of weeks now, but I've been swamped so far with simply getting the copies done for Mark and his friends, area bookstores and the like. Anyway, I now finally have a little stack of ready copies here in my apartment, so that I can make sure to ship books out the morning right after someone orders them, so I'm happy to say that they're finally ready for you to purchase and have shipped to you from here at the website.

The Hypermodern Editions: A new paper-book series from CCLaP

The book comes in both a recycled-paper version and one with cotton sheets; either will ship the next weekday morning after your order via USPS Priority Mail (delivery in two to three days), and come with its own tracking number that you can use to follow it online. Sorry -- these books are currently only available to domestic American customers, until I have the time to learn more about what it will take to ship these internationally. Just use the links below to order a copy right this second if you want:

Life After Sleep, recycled paper: $15 (plus $5 shipping)

Life After Sleep, cotton sheets: $20 (plus $5 shipping)

And then for all of you with decent jobs who have been saying for years that you wished you had an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the center, I've created a special subscription option for you; for $100 you'll get cotton versions of all six Hypermodern Editions that will be out by the end of this year, including Life After Sleep right now, Sally Weigel's Too Young to Fall Asleep in mid-June, Jason Fisk's Salt Creek Anthology in early July, Ben Tanzer's 99 Problems in mid-July, the compilation American Wasteland in mid-September, and Katherine Scott Nelson's Write Me Back in early October. Plus you'll be offered a discount on Ben Tanzer's deluxe illustrated edition of The New York Stories, coming this holiday season; now throw in free shipping, and that's a $150 value, which is like getting two of these six books for free! Anyway, you can click on the link below to subscribe right now:

2011 Hypermodern Subscription: $100

I hope you'll get a chance to patronize the center this summer as I get more and more of these books available; they're great little objects to own, plus will go a long way towards letting CCLaP expand more and more, while still continuing to offer the free ebook downloads that have been available here for the last four years. (I don't know the exact number, but all of the center's titles together have been downloaded now at least several thousand times, and for that alone I thank you very much.) It's great to finally get this last piece of the center's jigsaw puzzle of a publishing program into place, and I look forward to having this much more earthy, artistic option to balance out the free yet sometimes cold-feeling electronic versions, for all my fellow book-lovers who never want to completely give up the tactile pleasures of holding an actual manuscript in one's hands.

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