May 6, 2011

New to the Reading List: 6 May 2011

(Every week I add new titles to CCLaP's ever-growing "to-read" list, mostly through the free library monitoring service; and now thanks to a reader's suggestion, I share that list of new additions each week here at the blog as well, including brief descriptions of why I added them to my list. For the entire reading list including its hundreds and hundreds of titles, visit either CCLaP's profile or its Amazon wish list.)

A Most Dangerous Book

A Most Dangerous Book: Tacitus's Germania from the Roman Empire to the Third Reich, by Christopher B. Krebs

What's now known as modern Germany actually has an incredibly complicated and fractured past, all the way back to when it was home to a group of pagan warrior tribes who were an unending pain in the side of the Roman Empire, when ancient writer Tacitus actually coined the term "Germania" in his 98 A.D. book on the subject; little did he know that his slim volume would eventually be used for everything from justifying the first unification of Germany in the mid-1800s to the "Aryan" racial mythology of the Nazis. Here, an "NPR-worthy" book on the topic.


Unforgettable: Harrowing Futures, Horrors, and (Dark) Humor, by Paul McComas

I picked this up directly from the author after his recent appearance at the "Tuesday Funk" reading at the Hopleaf in Andersonville; it looks to be a mammoth collection of over 50 of his short pieces over the years, most of them fitting into the darkly funny science-fiction or horror categories. Full review coming next month!

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