May 2, 2011

Only one week until CCLaP's first paper book is available!

There are many ways to enjoy 'Life After Sleep!'

Only one more week until you'll have the chance to purchase the new paper edition of Mark R. Brand's day-after-tomorrow novella for CCLaP, Life After Sleep! Regulars will remember that this is the first release in CCLaP's new "Hypermodern Editions" series, special handmade paper editions of all the center's electronic books, designed specifically with collectors in mind (including hardback covers, decorative endpapers, exposed Coptic stitching, a signature page, an extended Colophon and more), but reasonably priced for all my fellow cash-strapped slackers. (Specifically, they'll be $15 for the recycled-paper version, $20 for one with cotton sheets, plus $5 for shipping; you'll be able to buy them here directly via Paypal like the ebooks, or also at CCLaP's new Etsy store coming next week, where the center will also be selling decorative handmade blank notebooks for $20 too.) In the last week I've gotten eight copies of the book done now, all of which were quickly grabbed up by their new owners; and now this week I'm putting the finishing touches on the first batch available via mail order to all you (American) website visitors as well. (And yes, I do hope to eventually be able to offer these for international sale too, but I need to look more into how exactly to make that happen.) They're being stitched and pressed as we speak, so will finally be available starting this coming Monday!

EPUB version of Life After Sleep on a Sony Reader

EPUB version of Life After Sleep on an iPhone

Of course, don't forget that the electronic version has been available since January, and can be downloaded completely for free if one wants; several hundred people have now read the book this way, in fact, including via Sony Reader and iPhone like the examples you're seeing above. This has always been the long-term vision of CCLaP's publishing program, to tell you the truth -- to offer electronic versions for whatever amount people want to pay, for those who just want to read the actual story, then to offer special paper versions for hardcore fans who want to own a cool object as well -- just that it's only this year that I've had the money to put that second half of the plan into place, the half that's getting slowly rolled out this summer regarding all four of CCLaP's original books (or actually five, if you count the one coming this June...but much more information about that at a future date).

Life After Sleep, the Collector's Edition: Coming Soon

Anyway, I hope you'll have a chance to patronize the center as soon as these are available; and of course for all of you with decent jobs who have always wanted to make a substantial donation to CCLaP, don't forget that I'll be offering a subscription option as well, $100 for cotton versions of all six Hypermodern books that the center will eventually have out by the end of this year (or in other words, buy five books at once, get the sixth for free). Oh, and speaking of day-after-tomorrow tales, all of us here have been getting a kick recently out of items that keep popping up in the news that mirror many of the fantastical conceits that Brand mentions in Life After Sleep -- specifically, check out this article about true-life people trying to break the "eight hours of sleep a night" cycle through various inventive means, and also this recent weird-news piece about a doctor who's getting sued for the offensive manner he treats his underlings, yet another running theme in Brand's novella. If you haven't gotten to check out the book yet, I encourage you to do so as soon as you have a chance.

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