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It's Jason Fisk Day at CCLaP! | June 30, 2011
Hooray! CCLaP's newest original book is finally here! It's the micro-story collection "Salt Creek Anthology" by local author Jason Fisk, and today the entire day has been given over to it here at the site, including a series of new essays, a "making of" photo essay regarding the paper book, a new interview with Fisk for the podcast, and more. Click through for links to them all. | Read entire entry

Personal essay: "Why I Signed 'Salt Creek Anthology' - An Apologia." | June 30, 2011
It's Jason Fisk Day at CCLaP! And in celebration of his new book with the center, the micro-story collection "Salt Creek Anthology," here is an "Apologia" from me (i.e. a critical essay with an obvious bias), on why I signed the book in the first place, and more on the "hyperfiction" style that it's been released under. | Read entire entry

Passing the Torch: Mark R. Brand on Jason Fisk | June 30, 2011
It's Jason Fisk Day at CCLaP! And in celebration of his new book with the center, the "micro-story" collection "Salt Creek Anthology," here's a critical essay by Mark R. Brand, the center's last published author, on what he thinks of the new book. | Read entire entry

The Making of 'Salt Creek Anthology' - a photo essay | June 30, 2011
It's Jason Fisk Day at CCLaP! And in celebration of his new book for the center, the "micro-story" collection "Salt Creek Anthology," here's a special photo essay showing step by step what goes into making the special paper edition of the book, including a handmade, fabric-lined box. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "The Summer Without Men" by Suri Hustvedt | June 24, 2011
Today's book review: "The Summer Without Men" by Siri Hustvedt (i.e. Paul Auster's wife), which staff reviewer Oriana Leckert had been expecting to be like the other self-absorbed work of "smart mom lit" but instead found subtle, engaging and charming. | Read entire entry

Metapost: Updates on CCLaP's coming anthologies | June 24, 2011
CCLaP's summer intern Traci Kim drops us another line to let us know how things are going, and also what the status is on the anthology she's putting together for the center this summer; and speaking of which, the deadline is fast approaching on CCLaP's other anthology as well, "American Wasteland." Click through for lots more on both! | Read entire entry

CCLaP After Dark 07: QUICKIES! | June 24, 2011
Today in "CCLaP After Dark," the center's new video podcast series on the various live literary events I'm attending around Chicago this summer: it's a recap from the latest edition of "QUICKIES!," a popular monthly reading held at Wicker Park's Innertown Pub, in which a large group of performers each get exactly four minutes on stage. Click through for the video! | Read entire entry

Metapost: Sorry it's been so quiet here this week | June 22, 2011
Sorry it's been so quiet at CCLaP this week; we're just a week away from the release of the center's newest original book, Jason Fisk's "Salt Creek Anthology," and the million final details are keeping me too busy for the blog. Anyway, click through for sneak-peek photos of it, and to learn more about the freelance book reviewers I'm looking to hire this year. | Read entire entry

The CCLaP 100: "Les Miserables," by Victor Hugo | June 17, 2011
Today in the "CCLaP 100" essay series on literary classics: It's Victor Hugo's massive, sprawling 1862 novel "Les Miserables," considered one of the biggest artistic touchstones in French history but infamously digressive in its subject matter. Classic or not? Click through for my opinion! | Read entire entry

Your micro-review roundup: Hugo Award 2011 | June 16, 2011
Today, a special micro-review roundup, looking at all five nominees for this year's Hugo Award for best science-fiction novel, with unfortunately four of them being disappointments but last year's "The Dervish House" by Ian McDonald looking even more prescient and brilliant than ever. Click through for them all! | Read entire entry

Hey, CCLaP army! IT'S PROOFREADING TIME AGAIN! | June 14, 2011
We're two weeks away from the release of CCLaP's newest original book, Jason Fisk's "Salt Creek Anthology," and you know what that means -- that's right, we're looking for volunteer proofreaders again! Click through for all the details, and please consider helping us to get Jason's manuscript into as perfect a shape as possible before publication. | Read entire entry

Your micro-review roundup: 14 June 2011 | June 14, 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: The disappointingly experimental "Intention Implication Wind" by Ken Sparling; the even more disappointing "chick-lit with a dark streak" tale "Our Tragic Universe" by Scarlett Thomas, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "City of Ruins," a.k.a. the sci-fi action thriller only a fanboy could love. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Lost in the Labyrinth," by Evelyn | June 14, 2011
Today's photo: "Lost in the Labyrinth," by American Flickr member Evelyn. | Read entire entry

CCLaP After Dark 06: Literary Death Match | June 13, 2011
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: It's episode 6 of the center's new video series, "CCLaP After Dark," short recaps of various live lit events across the city this summer. Today's episode features an all-comedy edition of "Literary Death Match," a truly global phenomenon started by Todd Zuniga which is now held in over thirty cities across the planet. | Read entire entry

How's the CCLaP book coming, Traci? | June 13, 2011
You remember CCLaP's summer intern, Traci Kim, right? She's in charge of a new anthology the center will be publishing in August on the subject of setting and place within contemporary fiction; and with the submission deadline of July 11th fast approaching, I thought I'd have her give us all a little update on how everything is going. Click through to read it! | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Swans," by Matteo M. | June 13, 2011
Today's photo: "Swans," by Italian photographer Matteo M. | Read entire entry

CCLaP now accepting international orders! | June 9, 2011
Happy day -- CCLaP is now accepting international orders for its first paper book, Mark R. Brand's "Life After Sleep!" Click through for the details; but in a nutshell, the grand total for purchase plus shipping will be around US$30 to just about anyone on the planet, equivalent to roughly 20 pounds or euros. | Read entire entry

Jugs & Capes: "Watchmen" by Alan Moore et al. | June 9, 2011
Today in CCLaP's "Jugs & Capes," Oriana Leckert's essay series on classic comics from a female perspective: It's Alan Moore's pioneering "Watchmen," which Oriana has been wary of since her disappointing experience with fellow '80s groundbreaker "The Dark Knight Returns," but which turned out to be as brilliant as everyone says it is. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Childrens Hospital | June 8, 2011
Today's DVD: "Childrens Hospital," the naughty and hilarious send-up of medical dramas that airs in ten-minute segments on Adult Swim, which is like television on crack when you watch them all in a row on DVD like I did. | Read entire entry

The new Curbside book is here! The new Curbside book is here! | June 8, 2011
The newest book from our pals at Chicago small press Curbside Splendor just showed up in the mail, a poetry collection called "The Chapbook" by Charles Bane, Jr; and it turns out to be crammed with beautiful full-color illustrations, so I thought I'd post a few shots here before the book's been officially released. Thanks for the copy, Victor David Giron! | Read entire entry

CCLaP After Dark 05: Music for a Sleepless Night | June 6, 2011
Today in the special "CCLaP After Dark" summer podcast series: it's an extra-special 75-minute music mix, full of songs that are all a little weird, a little haunting and a little poetic, perfect for your next rainy day or restless night. Click through to download, stream live, or subscribe to CCLaP's iTunes channel. | Read entire entry

Field report: 2011 Printers Row Book Fair and Lit Fest | June 6, 2011
As regular readers know, I had a chance this weekend to attend the annual Printers Row Book Fair and Lit Fest here in Chicago, so I thought I'd take a moment and post a few of the photos I took while I was there as well. Click through for them all. | Read entire entry

Going to Printers Row? Have a beer with us while you're there! | June 3, 2011
Chicagoans! Going to the big Printers Row Book Fair and Lit Fest this weekend? If so, make sure to join your fellow CCLaP readers at an ultra-casual pub meet-up, in the back of Kasey's Tavern at 701 S. Dearborn from 3:30 to 5:30 on late Saturday afternoon. Click through for all the details! | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Miller's Crossing | June 3, 2011
Today's movie: The 1990 gangster noir "Miller's Crossing," one of the few early Coen Brothers movies I missed when they were originally in the theaters, which is why I recently decided to finally rent it. Yep, good as always! | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Jerusalem," by Shel Serkin | June 3, 2011
Today's photo: "Jerusalem," by Israeli photographer Shel Serkin. | Read entire entry

Book reviews: "Suspended Heart" by Heather Fowler, and "The Girl with Brown Fur" by Stacey Levine | June 2, 2011
Today's books: "Suspended Heart" by Heather Fowler and "The Girl with Brown Fur" by Stacey Levine, two lackluster story collections from full-time academes which call into question a larger issue, of just what role the MFA short story even plays in our culture anymore. (Originally written for Daniel Casey's "Gently Read Literature.") | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Untitled," by Pau Cuyar | June 2, 2011
Today's photo: "Untitled," by Spanish photographer Pau Cuyar. | Read entire entry

Traci Kim's "Settings" anthology: Call For Submissions | June 1, 2011
Earlier today, I introduced you to CCLaP's new summer intern, Traci Kim, and mentioned how her main thing for the center this summer will be a brand-new anthology on the subject of setting and milieu within contemporary fiction; here then is the actual open call for submissions, including lots more details on the subject itself. Both she and I look forward to seeing what you put together. | Read entire entry

Meet CCLaP's new cheap, summer intern! | June 1, 2011
Wow, whaddya know? CCLaP has a summer intern! Meet Traci Kim, a Chicago native who this fall will be starting her final year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and learn more about the new anthology she will be putting together this summer for the center. Submissions being accepted as we speak! | Read entire entry