June 13, 2011

CCLaP After Dark 06: Literary Death Match

It's Monday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today, it's episode 6 of a new video series here at the center, "CCLaP After Dark," short recaps of various live literary events happening all over the Chicago area this summer and fall. Today's episode was shot at the latest Chicago edition of "Literary Death Match," a truly global phenomenon started by Todd Zuniga which is now held in over thirty different cities around the planet (including the White House earlier this year). This most recent show was an all-humor-based one, hosted by Zuniga and Comedy Central's Dennis DiClaudio, including celebrity "judges" Claire Zulkey (AV Club), Kate James (Second City) and cult comedian Steve Gadlin (IWantToDrawACatForYou.com), and featured the work of Johanna Stein, Samantha Irby, Amy Guth and Ian Belknap. Those who subscribe through iTunes should automatically receive the standard-def version, while those watching through YouTube can choose between that and the larger hi-def (720p) version; or you can directly download either version using the links at the bottom of this entry.

More about the people mentioned in this episode:
Literary Death Match
The Hideout
Claire Zulkey
Kate James
Steve Gadlin
Johanna Stein
Samantha Irby
Amy Guth
Ian Belknap

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Download the hi-def version (70.5 megs)
Download the standard-def version (26.7 megs)

Download the standard-def version (26.7 megs)

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