June 13, 2011

How's the CCLaP book coming, Traci?

CCLaP 2011 intern Traci Kim

You remember CCLaP summer intern Traci Kim, right? Since the center is a small online operation and doesn't require the usual help that interns traditionally provide, I'm instead having Traci take on a leadership position in a brand-new project for her experience, specifically a small anthology the center will be putting out in August on the subject of setting and place, and how this particularly affects the nature of contemporary fiction. Definitely check out the call for submissions if you still haven't, because the deadline of July 11th is fast approaching; and in the meanwhile, I thought I'd have Traci give us updates as well every couple of weeks on how everything is progressing. Here's what she had to say today.

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Hello CCLaPers!

The anthology is coming together slowly but surely! With the deadline only 4 weeks away, I hope you're all polishing off your stories to be submitted. So far, I'm off to a good start with some very promising pieces that are already in the editing process. It seems that word has been spread far and wide with submissions not only from Chicago, but Ohio and Texas as well. That said, please pass the word around to anyone who you think would be interested in submitting.

The stories that have stood out to me the most are taking on a travel theme. I guess I am attracted to these pieces because of my own wonderful experience abroad last spring. Something about foreign places is so convincing. What is it about a new city that makes us do things we normally wouldn't? I have a myriad of stories that my mother will never hear about, and these are things that I would never even consider doing in the States. While it's not mandatory to do as the Romans do, why do we do it anyway? Most of the time we end up looking like dumb tourists and stick out like sore thumbs. Yet, we're usually scared we'll get pick-pocketed, mugged, and kidnapped if we deviate from Rick Steves.

I hope this serves as some form of inspiration for you to submit to the anthology. The deadline is July 11, but early submissions are always welcomed!

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