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Justify My Netflix: The Green Hornet | August 31, 2011
Today's movie: Michel Gondry's disastrous "art-school superhero flick" adaptation of "The Green Hornet," a pretentious trainwreck which clashes badly with the junior-high-level script by full-time man-child Seth Rogen (who is also the film's star and executive producer). | Read entire entry

CCLaP After Dark 08: The Printers Ball | August 30, 2011
Today in "CCLaP After Dark," the center's new video series on various live Chicago literary events: it's a report from this year's Printers Ball, a massive celebration of print media sponsored by Columbia College, the Poetry Foundation and more, one of the largest of its kind in the entire US. | Read entire entry

Help David David Katzman publish his new novel! | August 30, 2011
My friend David David Katzman, a surrealist author here in Chicago, has decided to go the Kickstarter route for his darkly bizarre new novel, "A Greater Monster." Click through for lots more details, as well as a highly entertaining video he put together about the subject. | Read entire entry

Your micro-review roundup: 26 August 2011 | August 26, 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: M. Henderson Ellis' so-so memoir of his '80s punk days, "Strange as Angels;" George R.R. Martin's "A Clash of Kings," volume two of his "Song of Fire & Ice" series; and Bart Plantenga's disappointing intellectual exercise "Beer Mystic." | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Source Code | August 24, 2011
Today's movie: "Source Code," the latest by Duncan Jones of sci-fi cult hit "Moon" fame, a what-if crowdpleaser that plays like "'Inception' Lite," and with all the pluses and minuses that term implies. | Read entire entry

Your micro-review roundup: 23 August 2011 | August 23, 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: Austin Williams' "Crimson Orgy," his loving ode to Miami's 1960s exploitation film industry; Andrew P. Mayer's steampunk-meets-superheroes tale "The Falling Machine;" and Charles Thompsons' disappointing Peace Corps/U!S!A!er memoir "Aralen Dreams." | Read entire entry

Hey, Traci Kim, how was the internship? | August 22, 2011
As the summer closes out, we must say goodbye to CCLaP's hardworking 2011 intern, Traci Kim, editor of the new center anthology "Amsterdamned If You do." Here, a final report and thank-yous from Traci, now that she's back at school. | Read entire entry

You're invited to the "American Wasteland" Quimby's release party! | August 22, 2011
Hot damn! Fresh on the heels of its big quadruple book release party the other week, CCLaP is happy to announce its newest event, a release party at Quimby's in Wicker Park for the new anthology "American Wasteland: Bleak Tales of the Future on the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11." Click through for all the details! | Read entire entry

The paper version of "99 Problems" is now available! | August 19, 2011
Happy news -- today finally sees the release of the very last paper edition of an old CCLaP ebook, in this case Ben Tanzer's remarkable essay series on running and writing, "99 Problems" from 2010. Click through for a lot more, tons of photos, and direct links to the purchase buttons. | Read entire entry

Hey, Jason Fisk, how was Minnesota? | August 18, 2011
Writer Jason Fisk recently became CCLaP's first author to officially travel to another state to attend a bookclub discussion, in this case to Minnesota to discuss his story collection "Salt Creek Anthology." Click through for photos and a field report. | Read entire entry

Jugs & Capes: "Maggie the Mechanic" by Jaime Hernandez | August 17, 2011
These are early, early stories by a writer at the wide-eyed innocent beginning of his illustrious career. He's still finding his footing, he's flailing about a bit; many of the elements of these early stories fell by the wayside as he honed his talents and settled into his stride. Which is all a bit of a relief. I mean, I really enjoyed these stories, but they're for sure a little rough around the edges. | Read entire entry

CCLaP Podcast 76: Live from the CCLaP Book Party | August 17, 2011
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: It's a special one-hour, live-audience edition, recorded at the center's big book release party at Chicago's Beauty Bar on August 10th. Featuring performances from Jason Fisk, Sally Weigel, Ben Tanzer, Mark R. Brand, Delphine Pontvieux and Robert Duffer. | Read entire entry

CCLaP's new summer anthology is here! | August 16, 2011
Excelsior! CCLaP's newest original book is here! It's a new anthology, in fact, "Amsterdamned If You Do," a look at the subject of setting and how it affects modern literature, conceptualized and edited by the center's 2011 intern, Traci Kim. Click through for more, and to start the downloading/purchasing process. | Read entire entry

CCLaP's book release party was a big success! | August 12, 2011
CCLaP's big quadruple book release party this past Wednesday was a huge success, with 75 people in attendance altogether and a fun drunken (DRUNKEN) time had by all. Click through for a longer recap and lots of photos! | Read entire entry

CCLaP's big book release party is tomorrow! | August 9, 2011
Holy crap! CCLaP's giant quadruple book release party is tomorrow! Here, final details for those who need them, and links to a series of long interviews and profiles about the center that have recently been showing up around the blogosphere. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "When Skateboards Will Be Free" by Saïd Sayrafiezadeh | August 4, 2011
A lot of bad shit happened to Saïd, and I'm sure that he needs a certain amount of distance from the memories still. But he tells his whole story at such a remove that it almost feels like fiction, like a construct. For me, the book fell short. It was indeed an interesting look at a crazy childhood, but it was lacking in depth, and left me feeling a little hollow. | Read entire entry

Only one week until CCLaP's big book release party! | August 3, 2011
Hey hey! Just one week until CCLaP's big quadruple book release party and performance extravaganza, taking place August 10th at Beauty Bar over at 1444 W. Chicago Avenue. Click through for more details, and to see a new profile of CCLaP published today by Lori Hettler's "The Next Best Book Blog." | Read entire entry

Your micro-review roundup: 3 August 2011 | August 3, 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: The "lost" Early Modernist surreal classic "The Book of Disquiet" by Fernando Pessoa; the so-so social-realist tale about the last days of South African apartheid, "Go Carefully, My Friend;" and the unfortunately dreadful Tom Clancy ripoff "The Paragon Connection" by Leonard Finz. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Season of the Witch | August 1, 2011
Today's movie: "Season of the Witch," one of a whole string of wonderfully bizarre quickie B-flicks that Nicolas Cage has been doing since declaring bankruptcy a few years ago, so gloriously bad that it's bound to eventually become a midnight-movie staple. | Read entire entry