August 9, 2011

CCLaP's big book release party is tomorrow!

CCLaP's Quadruple Book Release Party and Performance Extravaganza

Jason Fisk, Mark R. Brand, Sally Weigel and Ben Tanzer

Holy crap! CCLaP's big huge four-book release party is tomorrow! And as you can imagine, I find every spare moment of my life these days dedicated to the process of frantically trying to finish the 100 handmade editions that I hope to have for sale there, which has unfortunately kept me away from the internet for most of the last week except to get back to emergency emails and post the occasional update here. The good news, though, is that since this is all coinciding with the center's more general fourth anniversary, I've used the opportunity to grant a series of interviews with blogger friends just about CCLaP itself, something I don't normally do in that I like to try to keep the focus on the artists themselves as much as possible. Anyway, for those who have always been interested in the more behind-the-scenes stuff here at CCLaP, and some of the guiding principles that help shape how things work around here, there is now plenty of material out there to keep you nice and busy over the next two or three days that my own blog continues its self-enforced brownout; for example, might I suggest this long interview with Lori Hettler of "The Next Best Book Blog," or this one by Karen Lillis, aka "Karen The Small Press Librarian," or this nice talk I recently had with Lauryn Allison Lewis* over at the great Literary Chicago website, or the three part profile recently done by Claire Stokes of Clarity Solutions, which she split into overlapping but distinctive parts for her various sites around the blogosphere.

Don't forget that the party itself is at Beauty Bar here in Chicago tomorrow night, August 10th, from 7 to 9 pm, over at 1444 West Chicago Avenue; the night will feature free food, a cash bar, a DJ and dancing afterwards, and special performances starting at 8 pm from all four authors being featured (that is, Sally Weigel, Ben Tanzer, Mark R. Brand and Jason Fisk), as well as a few other surprises. And best of all, for those who have been wanting to pick up copies of these books but have been on the fence about them, for one night and one location only they will all be on sale in a bundle for a cool $50, which is nearly half-off from ordering them individually through the website. (Individual titles will be on sale for $20 as well, by the way, for those looking merely to complete their already half-done collections.) A ton of friends have been mentioning the party online in the last week, and we were also one of the "Picks of the Week" in the most recent Time Out magazine, so we're expecting a lot of people; I hope that you will be one of them, and I especially hope that you will take a moment and say hi when you're actually there. I look forward to seeing you!

*And for the sake of ethical disclosure, let me mention that Lauryn has a book coming out with CCLaP herself in 2012, and that our talk was done in more of the spirit of a friendly chat than an objective interview.

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