August 22, 2011

Hey, Traci Kim, how was the internship?

Traci Kim, CCLaP's 2011 intern

It's with a sad heart that last week we here at CCLaP headquarters (er, me in my apartment) said goodbye to 2011 intern Traci Kim, who for her summer project ended up creating the new anthology Amsterdamned If You Do, in charge of everything from conceptualization to editing to choosing a cover image and securing the rights. Now that she's safely back at school and about to start up yet another fall semester, I asked her if she'd like to send in a few final thoughts about her experience with CCLaP this summer and putting the book together. Here's the report I received back from her.


Dear CCLaPers,

I am currently back in Oxford, OH (exotic, I know) using wifi in a coffee house since I don't have internet set up in my new house yet. I can't believe summer has already flown by, classes start this week, and I'm back at school for my senior year.

It also seems like such a blur that Amsterdamned If You Do was conceptualized and released in less than 3 months! The anthology turned out even better than I had imagined! I am extremely proud of the final product and have to thank Jason Pettus, CCLaP, all 12 contributing authors, and everyone who helped along the way. It feels strange that the project that took up my entire summer is finally completed. I'm going to miss Chicago's rich literary community and will definitely try to attend as many literary events as possible when I'm home for breaks.

After interning with CCLaP this summer, I feel like I am better prepared for the Real World. It's definitely scary and exciting to think that, soon enough, I'll be wearing a cap and gown and getting my diploma. I most certainly learned a ton from working on Amsterdamned If You Do and definitely have a better idea of what to expect after graduation. That said, let me know if you hear about any job openings for recent college grads. Please and thank you.

Over and out,

Thanks again, Traci! And don't forget, if you don't feel like putting out the money for a paper copy of Amsterdamned, there are completely free electronic versions available too, including PDFs for both American and European laserprinters, an EPUB for most mobile devices, and a special MOBI edition specifically for Amazon Kindles. (Or even easier, just buy it from the Kindle Store wirelessly for five bucks.) In whichever form you choose, I hope you get a chance to check out this thought-provoking compilation soon, and here's hoping that we'll be hearing about Traci again here come this holiday season.

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