August 3, 2011

Only one week until CCLaP's big book release party!

The CCLaP Quadruple Book Release Extravaganza

Jason Fisk, Mark R. Brand, Sally Weigel and Ben Tanzer

Hey hey! Only one week to go before CCLaP's big giant quadruple book release party and performance extravaganza, taking place this coming Wednesday, August 10th, from 7 to 9 pm over at Chicago's Beauty Bar, located at 1444 W. Chicago Avenue in the Noble Square neighborhood. Things as you can expect are kind of insane right now -- I'm in the middle of making the 100 handmade, hardbound editions of CCLaP's books that will be for sale that night (on a super special hard to pass up -- just $50 for them all at once, that night only and good just for attendees), while I've also been doing a series of interviews to help promote the show, most of which are just starting to come out now. (For example, check out the "Indie Spotlight" feature that just went up today over at Lori Hettler's "The Next Best Book Blog," which will be of special interest to all of you who are interested in the more behind-the-scenes things that go on around here.) Anyway, there will be more profiles like this showing up online over the next week, which I'll make sure to mention here so that you can check them out; and of course, needless to say that you'll be doing us a lot of good by making a mention of it somewhere online yourself (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc), and especially if you drop a line to any friends you may have who actually live in Chicago. Don't forget that there will be free food, a cash bar, a DJ and dancing, and performances from all writers involved; so if you're in Chicago or even just near the metropolitan area, I do hope you'll have a chance to come out and join us for it all. I look forward to seeing you!

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