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Tales from the Completist: "The Adventures of Augie March," by Saul Bellow | September 30, 2011
Today, a detailed look at Saul Bellow's 1953 rough-and-tumble masterpiece "The Adventures of Augie March," the tenth-anniversary pick this fall of the "One Book One Chicago" program, a groundbreaker in both Modernist and Jewish literature that also happens to be one of the best novels about Chicago ever written. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Cell 211 | September 29, 2011
Today's movie: The multiple Goya-winning gritty Spanish prison drama "Cell 211," which despite devolving into sappy sentimentality by the end is mostly a gripping, fascinating thriller. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "My station," by Saad Zniber | September 29, 2011
Today's photo: "My station," by French photographer Saad Zniber. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: The Perfect Host | September 27, 2011
Today's movie: The darkly comic "The Perfect Host," sporting a great premise (bank robber on the lam accidentally hides out in the home of a serial killer) but that fails in many of its details, including a muddled ending and an overly hammy performance from David Hyde Pierce. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Mohican Market: No. 023," by Ross G. Williams | September 27, 2011
Today's photo: "Mohican Market: No. 023," by New York photographer Ross G. Williams. | Read entire entry

The CCLaP 100: "A Confederacy of Dunces," by John Kennedy Toole | September 23, 2011
Today in the "CCLaP 100" essay series on literary classics: It's John Kennedy Toole's brilliantly dark "anti-villain" tale "A Confederacy of Dunces," written in the 1960s but not published until the '80s, known as much for its fascinating real-life history as the absurdly comic tale of self-satisfied intellectuals and New Orleans back alleys that it tells. Classic or not? Click through for my opinion! | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Untitled," by Hans Proppe | September 23, 2011
Today's photo: "Untitled," by Turkish photographer Hans Proppe. | Read entire entry

Calling the CCLaP Army! EMERGENCY IN EARTH-PRIME! | September 23, 2011
Well, okay, it's not exactly infinite crisis time, but CCLaP is now officially calling up again its volunteer army of proofreaders, to help us get the coming original book "Have You Seen Me" by Katherine Scott Nelson into tip-top shape before publication in a few weeks. Click through to volunteer, soldier! | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Party Monster | September 21, 2011
Today's movie: The mesmerizing 2003 "Party Monster," now finally out again on DVD, in which Macaulay Culkin plays the real-life '90s club promoter turned murderer Michael Alig, and Seth Green his former best friend James St. James, a surreal fairytale that I loved but that is bound to rub a lot of people the wrong way. | Read entire entry

Photography mini-feature: Federica Vangelisti | September 21, 2011
Today's photography mini-feature: Italian college student and world traveler Federica Vangelisti. | Read entire entry

Download a sneak preview of CCLaP's next book! | September 20, 2011
CCLaP's next original book, the coming-of-age tale "Have You Seen Me" by Katherine Scott Nelson, gets released on October 17th; and lo and behold, we're running so ahead of schedule with its editing, I decided to put together a little sneak preview that you can download right now! Click through to do so! Now! Do it! | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Rush Hour Regent Street," by Jonny Sage | September 20, 2011
Today's photo: "Rush Hour Regent Street," by British photographer Jonny Sage. | Read entire entry

Your micro-review roundup: 19 September 2011 | September 19, 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: Daniel Clowes' disappointing latest, the masturbatory "Mister Wonderful;" the fascinating "Tablet & Pen," an anthology of cutting-edge Middle Eastern stories from the early and middle 20th century; and T.C. McCarthy's unforgettable "Germline," the mass-market sci-fi military thriller that reads more like a Graham Greene novel mixed with Hunter S. Thompson. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Flying away," by Peggy | September 19, 2011
Today's photo: "Flying away," by Flickr member Peggy. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "The Pumpkin Eater" by Penelope Mortimer | September 16, 2011
It's a book I couldn't help but hurtle myself through, with scenes that keep replaying in my head. In the end Mrs. Armitage does come into her own, though at a high cost. Watching her get there is riveting, seeing her grow teeth, as it were, and reclaim control of her life, is harrowing and hopeful both. | Read entire entry

CCLaP Podcast 78: Live from the 'American Wasteland' release party | September 16, 2011
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: It's a special half-hour live-audience edition, recorded at the center's recent book release party for "American Wasteland," last September 9th at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. Featuring performances from Delphine Pontvieux, Mark R. Brand and Lawrence Santoro. | Read entire entry

Kickstarter Alert: Eddie Wright | September 16, 2011
Today, the start of a new feature at the blog, pointing out Kickstarter campaigns from people who have been featured at the website before. Today features the latest project by Eddie Wright, whose surrealist drama "Broken Bulbs" I declared one of the best experimental books of the year in 2009. | Read entire entry

"American Wasteland" is finally here! | September 14, 2011
A home internet blackout has had this delayed, but I'm happy to announce that CCLaP's newest original book is finally out, the dark science-fiction 9/11 anthology "American Wasteland." Download the ebook! Order it in paper! Order all our paper books at once! Cringe at the pure darkness of these Tea Party cautionary tales! | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Drive Angry | September 9, 2011
Today's movie: The gloriously absurd Nicolas Cage B-flick "Drive Angry," a deliberate midnight movie that blessedly can be enjoyed non-ironically, in which Cage literally breaks out of Hell using a late-'60s muscle car and a bevy of rockabilly demons are sent out to bring him back. | Read entire entry

Hope to see you at the CCLaP Quimby's party tonight! | September 9, 2011
Just a short reminder about CCLaP's release party at Quimby's Bookstore tonight, for the dark sci-fi 9/11 anthology "American Wasteland." Free beer! Local performances! Sexy nerds! Hope to see you there! | Read entire entry

CCLaP Podcast 77: August/September Music Special | September 7, 2011
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: It's the August/September edition of the center's monthly music special, in which I look back at all the recent music I've been downloading legally for free online, and present the best back to you college-radio style. Today's special features 13 songs and lasts just under an hour. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Stake Land | September 6, 2011
Today's movie: 2010's "Stake Land," one of those no-budget little genre flicks (zombie apocalypse in this case) that benefits greatly in this age of cheap but high-quality digital equipment, essentially made by a bunch of buddies but that can hold its own against much more expensive Hollywood B-pics. | Read entire entry

Don't forget the big CCLaP Quimby's party this Friday! | September 6, 2011
Only four days until CCLaP's big "American Wasteland" release party this coming Friday, at famed Wicker Park destination Quimby's Bookstore! Free beer! Readings from Mark R. Brand, Delphine Pontvieux and Lawrence Santoro! Many, many sexy nerds in funny glasses! Click through for all the details! | Read entire entry

Photography mini-feature: Bogdan Seredyak (2011) | September 2, 2011
Today's photography mini-feature: A 2011 update from Ukrainian Bogdan Seredyak, currently an architecture student in New Jersey and whose work was featured here last year as well. | Read entire entry

Jugs & Capes: "Fun Home" by Alison Bechdel | September 1, 2011
Fun Home is absolutely spectacular. It's dense, fraught with meaning, stuffed with beautiful prose and complimented by simple illustrations. And in addition to being incredibly smart, incredibly illuminating, and incredibly inventive, it's also incredibly sexy. | Read entire entry