September 16, 2011

Kickstarter Alert: Eddie Wright

It seems that an increasing amount of people I know are starting to hold fundraising campaigns at, so I thought I would start a new semi-regular feature here at the site, letting you know about ones that involve people who have been featured here at the website before. Today it's Eddie Wright, who long-time readers will remember as the author of the surrealist drama Broken Bulbs, which I declared one of the best experimental books of the year in 2009. Now Eddie is working with visual artist Jesse Balmer to create a new comic-book series with the same surreal nature; entitled Tyranny of the Muse, maybe it'd be best to simply quote their own synopsis of the odd storyline:

"When a mysterious, chain-smoking muse named Bonnie offers her unique assistance to Frank Fisher (our sad-sack hero), by injecting literal seeds of inspiration directly into his brain, the couple find themselves on a twisted, frantic, chaotic, fast-paced and surreal path littered with addiction, self-loathing, vindictive mailmen, infected wounds and angry hamsters. Through it all, they rely only on each other as they work through Frank's strangely familiar screenplay in their search for the ever-elusive somethingness while avoiding the terrifying curse of nothingness. Tyranny of the Muse combines the storytelling of Philip K. Dick, David Lynch, William S. Burroughs and David Cronenberg with the alternative art style of Charles Burns, R. Crumb and Paul Pope. Tyranny of the Muse is based on Wright's critically-acclaimed cult novella Broken Bulbs. This Kickstarter will fund the first volume in a multi-volume series."

Anyway, you can check out the embedded video above for even more; they're trying to raise $4,500 to get the first issue printed and nationally distributed, so I encourage you to stop by their campaign page and pre-purchase a copy of the first issue like I did. Best of luck, Eddie and Jesse!

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