October 19, 2011

Stickers! Get yer sexy new hipster CCLaP stickers!

Stickers! Get yer sexy hipster CCLaP stickers!

Stickers! Get yer sexy hipster CCLaP stickers!

Well, today CCLaP finally moves one step closer to our goal of taking over the world; we now have hipster stickers. They were designed by Chicago visual artist Laura Szumowski, with t-shirts featuring a modified version of this logo coming later this winter; for those who don't know, Laura is also doing a whopping thirty illustrations for the coming deluxe version of Ben Tanzer's The New York Stories, being put out by CCLaP in just another month from now. I'm actually just handing these out at local events for free, and also come for free with any book order; but I also thought I'd offer a cheap version of them for sale here at the website as well, for those in other cities who would like to have one. They're US$2 apiece (or a little over one euro, or 50 pence in Britain), postage included, and you can simply use the Paypal link below to order as many as you'd like:

CCLaP Stickers: US$2 apiece

CCLaP sticker on Tiff Tate's laptop

Once you have one, by the way, do make sure to take a photo of it in action, and send it to me so I can run it here at the website! Here, for example, is one of CCLaP's stickers as seen on the laptop of Tiff Tate, of The Unscene Chicago fame. You can send those along to cclapcenter [at] gmail.com, and I hope you'll have a chance to order your own sticker soon!

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