November 10, 2011

And don't forget the big Chicago party tonight!

'Have You Seen Me' book release party

Wow, it's finally here! The big book release party for Katherine Scott Nelson's Have You Seen Me is tonight at 8 pm, at the great Women and Children First Bookstore in Chicago's Swede-dominated Andersonville neighborhood (specifically, 5233 North Clark). This is Katherine's very first published book, so there is bound to be a whole gaggle of very excited friends there as well; and as always, it's a great way to meet some of your fellow readers, professionally network, and just come across more sexy nerds in clunky glasses than you can shake a stick at, in this case benefiting even further from everyone undoubtedly having one form or another of mysteriously ambiguous sexuality. Ah, clunky glasses and ambiguous sexuality! What more do you want from a Chicago literary event?! Oh, you do want more, you say? Well, don't forget that we'll be moving the party to a nearby wine bar after the bookstore event officially ends, for a little more of all this but now with some social lubricant thrown in. People are going nuts for this highly entertaining novella, so see for yourself what everyone is so excited about! I hope to see you tonight, Chicagoans!

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