November 18, 2011

The Chicago Book Expo is this weekend!

Chicago Book Expo

CCLaP's new table banner

Well, it's been another week of only intermittent blog postings (and sorry about that to those of you in other cities, who only get to interact with the center through the website); and that's because it's been another busy week of preparations for CCLaP's next big live event, namely the inaugural Chicago Book Expo taking place tomorrow and Sunday at the old Goldblatt/Borders building at Lawrence and Broadway in Uptown. This is the very first event of this sort that CCLaP has ever participated in, and it's promising to be a doozy; started up by a whole series of indie-lit veterans, it's looking likely that this will be the largest gathering of Chicago-specific publishers in the city's history, all of them with their titles for sale in what's being promoted not so much as a traditional expo but more like a supersized pop-up bookstore. I'll be down there from 10 to 6 tomorrow and from noon to around four on Sunday (before booking it down to Hyde Park to host a lit event at the Southside Hub of Production -- oh, busy me!); and as with some previous events we've been at, the always lovely and vivacious Chicago author Lauryn Allison will be joining me on booth duties throughout the weekend as well.

The New York Stories, by Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski

The New York Stories, by Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski

The New York Stories, by Ben Tanzer and Laura Szumowski

And why, yes, several of CCLaP's authors will be performing on the expo's main stage throughout the weekend! First up, Saturday at 1 pm, will be the one-hour "Wolfsword Meets CCLaP" event, in which two authors from each of these small presses share the stage together (in our case, Sally Weigel and Katherine Scott Nelson); then at 5 pm the same day, our buddies at Curbside Splendor and Another Chicago Magazine are throwing an event themed around ACM's coming 50th issue and Curbside's coming second issue, and among the performers at that event will be CCLaP's own Ben Tanzer, whose newest books with the center, the electronic So Different Now and the compiled and illustrated paper edition, The New York Stories, both come out this Monday! (Er, hopefully!) And speaking of which, we will have fully bound, sneak-preview copies of The New York Stories at the CCLaP booth this weekend, and on sale for a cool $75 as well; they really need to be seen in the physical world to be best appreciated, so I hope you'll have a chance to come by if you're at the expo already. All three of these authors will be sitting in at the CCLaP booth as well on Saturday -- Sally from noon to 1:00, Katherine from 2:00 to 3:00, and Ben from 4:00 to 5:00 (and maybe more for all of them), so if you've ever wanted to meet one of them, or purchase their books at a moment when they could inscribe them for you, tomorrow will be the chance! It's looking to be a really busy and fun weekend, so I encourage all bibliophiles to get their Proustian asses out to Uptown this weekend. I hope to see you there!

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