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Your micro-review roundup: 14 December 2011 | December 14, 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: "The Rage of Achilles" by Terence Hawkins, which takes "The Iliad" then modernizes the dialogue to the graphicness of a typical HBO series; Pete Morin's "Diary of a Small Fish," a misguided experiment in making a "one percent" Tea Partier the unironic hero of a light political comedy; and Douglas Coupland's 2006 "jPod," which unfortunately sees him at the nadir of his transition between Postmodernism and what's come after. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "#1 Hotel room (Rain)," by Oscar | December 14, 2011
Today's photo: "#1 Hotel room (Rain)," by Spaniard-in-Malaysia Oscar. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Batman: Year One | December 9, 2011
Today's movie: The ultra-faithful new adaptation of "Batman: Year One," the 1987 Frank Miller graphic novel that helped kickstart the entire "Dark Age" of comics history, in this case brought to you by the same team who does the highly stylized contemporary television series. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "259-365," by Caito | December 9, 2011
Today's photo: "259-365," by Texas Flickr member Caito. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Super 8 | December 8, 2011
Today's movie: JJ Abrams' disappointing latest, "Super 8," meant as an homage to early-'80s Spielberg films but more like an overly sentimental shot-for-shot ripoff, and feeling less like a polished film and more like something that Abrams has been waiting thirty years to get off his chest. | Read entire entry

CCLaP's paying some artists on December 18th! Come join us! | December 8, 2011
Hooray! Time for CCLaP to pay some artists again! This time it'll be Jason Fisk of "Salt Creek Anthology" and Katherine Scott Nelson of "Have You Seen Me;" we'll be meeting up at the Swedish pub Simon's in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood on Sunday, December 18th. Click through for all the details, including the Facebook event page! | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Mechelen restaurant Madrid," by Stanislav Sedlak | December 8, 2011
Today's photo: "Mechelen restaurant Madrid," by Czech-in-Belgium photographer Stanislav Sedlak. | Read entire entry

Book review: "The Visible Man," by Chuck Klosterman | December 7, 2011
Today's book review: Chuck Klosterman's revelatory latest, the pitch-black psychological horror tale "The Visible Man," which not by coincidence also metaphorically calls for the violent death of Postmodernism in a post-irony age, and which viciously criticizes the pop-culture-spewing celebrity-interviewer cartoon-character persona Klosterman had become by the mid-2000s. | Read entire entry

Kirkus Reviews discovers CCLaP! AND THEY LIKE US! | December 7, 2011
Kirkus Reviews, the second most popular lit-review publication in America, recently did its first write-up of a CCLaP book, the coming-of-age novella "Have You Seen Me" by Katherine Scott Nelson -- and they liked it! A lot! Click through for more, including the full review itself. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "another revisitation," by 'thegoreyend' | December 7, 2011
Today's photo: "another revisitation," by Texas Flickr member 'thegoreyend.' | Read entire entry

CCLaP's two newest books are now (finally) here! | December 6, 2011
DOUBLE RAINBOW EXCITEMENT! Today sees the release of not just one but two new books at CCLaP: the electronic story collection "So Different Now" and the deluxe paper edition, "The New York Stories," both by Chicago author Ben Tanzer. Click through for lots more details, lots more photos, and direct links to both books' order pages. | Read entire entry

CCLaP Podcast 81: Author Ben Tanzer | December 6, 2011
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: It's an hour-long talk with Chicago author Ben Tanzer, on the occasion of the release of his two newest books with the center, the electronic story collection "So Different Now" and the deluxe paper version, "The New York Stories." | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Untitled," by Pete Digital | December 6, 2011
Today's photo: "Untitled," by Irish Flickr member Pete Digital. | Read entire entry

Justify My Netflix: Robot Chicken, Season 5 | December 2, 2011
Today's DVD: Season five of the brilliant "micro-sketch" comedy show "Robot Chicken," which by this point might very well be starting to take its place alongside Monty Python and others as one of the great cultural landmarks of televised comedy history. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Live Forever," by Charles Gibson | December 2, 2011
Today's photo: "Live Forever," by New York photographer Charles Gibson. | Read entire entry

Your micro-review roundup: 1 December 2011 | December 1, 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: The so-so bizarro novel "Thursday Thistle" by August V. Fahren; the beguiling, New Weird-esque 9/11 character study "Luminarium" by Chicagoan Alex Shakar; and Daniel Clowes' latest, "The Death-Ray," a reprint of a 2004 "Eightball" story that's one of the best of his career. | Read entire entry

Photo of the day: "Heaven and tripod," by Dave Robotham | December 1, 2011
Today's photo: "Heaven and tripod," by British photographer Dave Robotham. | Read entire entry