December 8, 2011

CCLaP's paying some artists on December 18th! Come join us!

Salt Creek Anthology, by Jason Fisk

Have You Seen Me, by Katherine Scott Nelson

Hooray! Time to pay some artists again! As regulars know, this is not only my single favorite part of running an arts center, but also the one I feel most important, putting actual spendable cash into the hands of writers, something so many tiny arts groups like mine promise but so few deliver on; so whenever a CCLaP author builds up enough royalties to justify cutting their first check, I always like to do it at some kind of public bar, so that their friends and CCLaP's readers can join along as well, and celebrate the ever rarer occasion of an artist actually making money. This time it'll be two authors getting their first checks -- Jason Fisk of Salt Creek Anthology and Katherine Scott Nelson of Have You Seen Me; we'll be meeting up at the legendary Swedish pub Simon's in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago (5610 N Clark), so that we can all partake as well in the Scandinavian holiday drink "glogg" that the bar specially serves this time of year. It's casual, so just come and go as you please -- we'll be there generally from 7 to 9 pm, and just look for the table of nerds handing books around to each other. Here's the Facebook event; hope to see all you Chicagoans there!

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