December 7, 2011

Kirkus Reviews discovers CCLaP! AND THEY LIKE US!

Screenshot from the Kirkus Reviews write-up of 'Have You Seen Me'

You're familiar with Kirkus Reviews, right? They're basically the second most popular literary review publication in the US, right after industry juggernaut Publishers Weekly, started way back in 1933 and continually operating ever since. And it turns out that they just did their first review of a CCLaP book, specifically the coming-of-age novella Have You Seen Me by Katherine Scott Nelson! And they liked it! Quite a lot! I'll let you check out the full review for yourself if you're interested, but here's the pullaway quote I like the most...

Refreshingly earnest and artfully wrought, Nelson's debut is a quick, compelling read that warrants a wide audience.

Wow! I didn't realize CCLaP's books were even eligible for getting reviewed at a place like Kirkus, since they don't have ISBN numbers, so needless to say it was a real thrill and surprise to have this show up online a few days ago. Many thanks to the new "Kirkus Indie" program, which turned out to be the harbinger of this review; and here's hoping that they'll like more of CCLaP's books in the future as well. If you haven't downloaded or purchased this book yet for yourself...what the hell are you waiting for?

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